Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Punditry" from "Just Thomism"

Below are some bullet points from "Just Thomism" that are thoughtful...

-For devoted Christians looking at their culture, sanity requires remembering it is a Kingdom under the Prince of the World, where most dance down the wide road to perdition.

-You’re not happy that most are damned, you’re just freed from the burden of assuming some recent policy, court decision, historical trend, influential school or philosopher or whatever sent us down the road to perdition. It’s not the decline of civilization, it’s just the world. with cultures – we assume we are responsible for the evil that happened. Both are irrational attempts to gain control of an evil that was mostly decided before we could do anything to add or detract.

-Much engaging social commentary is a fascination with demonic creativity.

-Take heart, the world is just as God described it. To pull the yoke with Christ is easy for anyone who wants to and the overwhelming majority don’t.

-The plan for saving society is what it’s always been: prayer, meditation, fasting, mortification, alms and works of mercy.

-If we were saved for doing more good than bad, almost everyone would be. Relationships don’t work that way, though, but can be destroyed by single acts no matter the antecedent goods. It would be a clueless husband who thought that his giving his wife a house, money, security, etc. meant she couldn’t blame him for a mistress.

-The case against the faith is always convincing and constantly needing to change.

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